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Dupla Cube 50 saltwater aquarium

Dupla Cube 50 saltwater aquarium
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The flint glass aquarium measuring L 43.5 cm x W 39.5 cm x H 35 cm (incl. filtration chamber L 34.5 cm x W 10 cm x H 35 cm) has a total  volume of 48 litres


SKU: dm-81486

Category: Marine Nano Aquarium

Delivery Time: 3-5 Workdays

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€196.00 *
Incl. 19% Tax

Dupla Marin Cube 50 - Nano Aquarium 

The Ocean Cube 50 includes everything needed for a perfect start to marine water aquaristics. With the built-in filtration chamber and the option to integrate a protein skimmer directly in the system, you can create your own mini reef at home. After its starting phase, the Ocean Cube 50 is its own small microcosm, in which all of the living creatures and micro-organisms are dependent on one another. Choosing the correct size aquarium for the size and number of creatures kept in this close loop system provides a continuously stable biological system that aquarists can enjoy for a long time.

Fascination Nano Reef

Particularly the tiny reef inhabitants such as small hermit crabs, tiny gudgeons, various corals, starfish, shrimps or the smallest of sessile invertebrates, which can be easily overlooked in a large aquarium, can finally be seen in a nano aquarium and lend special charm to the beholder. The true fascination of marine water aquaria can especially be observed on a small scale and enables experiencing its beauty up close. Which will be your favourite among the tiniest of creatures?

The individual components of the Ocean Cube 50:

• Ocean Cube 50
The flint glass aquarium measuring L 43.5 cm x W 39.5 cm x H 35 cm
(incl. filtration chamber L 34.5 cm x W 10 cm x H 35 cm) has a total
volume of 48 litres.
This is 12 litres for the integrated filter system.
Incl. pump, glass cover and safety pad.

• Feed pump
The Skimz feed pump QE0.8 has a flow rate of 800 l/h and provides for sufficient
flow and a strong filtration performance.
• Marine water brochure

Tips on setting up the Ocean Cube 50.

Additional Information
EAN 4011444814869
SKU dm-81486
Manufacturer Dupla Marin
Weight 20.0000
Delivery Time 3-5 Workdays
Aquarium Volume 50 Liter
Aquarium Colour glas - no colour
Aquarium Type Nano Reef Tank
Aquarium Length 30 cm
Aquarium Form Cube
Wasserart Salt Water

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