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AquaEl Ultra Heater 25-150 Watt

AquaEl Ultra Heater 25-150 Watt
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Ultra Heater is an advanced aquarium heater in an unbreakable plastic housing. The heater has a highprecision (±0.25°C) electronic thermostat, a built-in thermometer, and an overheat alarm


SKU: 115511

Category: Regulated Heater

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€21.80 *
Incl. 19% Tax

AquaEl Ultra Heater 25 Watt up to 150 Watt

With the new Ultra Heater, AquaEl has introduced a new generation of shapely heating rods, which are characterized by an impact-resistant plastic housing and an extremely precise, electronic thermostat. A high control accuracy with a simplified setting is thus made possible.

The modern control heater AquaEl Ultra Heater has a housing made of a special plastic mixture, which makes the heating rod almost unbreakable, which is a clear advantage over the conventional glass Heistäben means. The design is flat and compact, so they can be easily concealed, even in smaller aquariums.

The AquaEl Ultra Heater has a double attachment, with which the heating element can be safely and easily attached to almost any pelvic disc. Also a horizontal installation is possible.

The operation and adjustment is done by the ergonomic button. By pressing the button you set the desired temperature between 20 and 33 degrees. The built-in thermostat has a tolerance of ± 0.25ºC. This is indicated by the LED ring, so that a simple and clear setting is possible.

The AquaEl Ultra Heater also has a built-in safety system to prevent overheating of the water in hot weather.

The Ultra Heater also has a thermal circuit breaker that provides dry run protection so that the heater does not burn out if there is an accidental switch-on outside of the water or uncontrolled leakage of water from the pool and there is no risk of fire.

ULTRA HEATER 25 - 25 watts - for aquariums of 10 - 25 liters - length 16.3 cm

ULTRA HEATER 50 - 50 watts - for aquariums from 25 to 50 liters - length 16.3 cm

ULTRA HEATER 75 - 75 watts - for aquariums from 50 to 75 liters - length 20.8 cm

ULTRA HEATER 100 - 100 watts - for aquariums from 60 to 100 liters - length 20.8 cm

ULTRA HEATER 150 - 150 watts - for aquariums from 90 to 150 liters - length 27.4 cm

Additional Information
EAN 5905546313414
SKU 115511
Manufacturer AquaEl
Weight 0.4000
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
Color -
Produkttyp No
Energieverbrauch 25 bis 150 Watt je nach Modell
Water flow No
Wasserart All Water Types

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