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Aqua Medic NO3 reduct 500 ml

Aqua Medic NO3 reduct 500 ml
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Mixture of organic carbon sources to reduce nitrate and phosphate. 500 ml bottle


SKU: am-411.80

Category: Aqua Medic Trace Elements

Delivery Time: 1-3 Workdays


Reduction of nitrate and phosphate in saltwater aquariums - Aqua Medic NO3 Reduct

NO3 reduct contains organic compounds that serve bacteria as an additional carbon source and thus stimulate greater reproduction. These bacteria are used by corals as food or skimmed off. Previously absorbed nutrients disappear with them, so that the nitrate and phosphate content of the water gradually decreases. The corals use the bacteria as an additional food, which leads to an improvement in the coloring and the polyp image.

Mixture of organic carbon sources to reduce nitrate and phosphate
including dosing aid for easy use
promotes coral growth
improves polyp image and staining
Avoidance of unwanted algae growth through nutrient control
2 ml NO3 reduct per 100 liters of aquarium water, every 24 hours

Additional Information
EAN 4025901143195
SKU am-411.80
Manufacturer Aqua Medic
Weight 0.6000
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
additive type No
package size 500 ml
Wasserart Salt Water

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