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Water Tests and Analysis

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Water Tests and Analysis

Water tests and Analysis

Water quality is one if not the main factor to keep fishes, plants and invertebrates healthy and happy in your aquarium, whether it is fresh water or salt water. In order to keep a stable environment you need to be able to check for changes. This is especially important in a new system which needs to stabilize or when you are dealing with problems or you are dosing medication or supplements.

The nitrogen cycle

The first thing every aquarist needs to be able to check is whether the nitrogenous cycle is working in the aquarium or not. That means checking for Ammonium, Nitrite and Nitrate. Ammonium and nitrite are among the most toxic substances for fish!

If algae are better growing than your plants or corals, look at the phosphate levels and you might get a hint.

The pH level needs to be set at constant values for a lot of animals. Fishes from slightly sour waters like Discus need pH around 6 degree, in saltwater you get into problems if the pH goes below 7,8 degree.

Salt water specialties

In salt water aquaria you absolutely need to know the alkalinity, calcium and magnesium levels in order to give stony corals, clams and other invertebrates a chance to grow.

Exotic tests

There are more exotic tests for special aspects like silicate, iron, iodine or even strontium. Please observe that there are different qualities for tests that may look almost identical. If you are looking for a high grade test or need something special - do not hesitate to ask us directly!

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