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Söchting Oxydator W Maxi for ponds up to 40000 litres

Söchting Oxydator W Maxi for ponds up to 40000 litres
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Orifinal Söchting Oxydator W Maxi for ponds for oxygenation


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Söchting Oxydator W Maxi

The Söchting Oxydator is a device for oxygenation of small bodies of water, which can be usefully used up to a size of approx. 25,000 liters.
Both swim when they are empty, indicating when they should be refilled.

The Oxydator operates, unlike any other device known to us, without electricity.
That's a big advantage, but it's unfamiliar to understand it without explanation. The prerequisite for functioning without electricity is an aqueous liquid in which large amounts of oxygen are stored ready for retrieval. This liquid is hydrogen peroxide or more modern, hydrogen peroxide, with the symbolic notation H202, for water it is H20.
The letter 0 stands for oxygen and the letter H for hydrogen. Water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide of two atoms of hydrogen, but unlike water, two atoms of oxygen. The additional oxygen atom is only loosely bound and can be released by a suitable catalyst. The process can be very brief and simple in symbolic notation. 02 is the usual oxygen molecule, it consists of two atoms.

Thanks to special ceramics always dosed correctly
Now that it's known where the oxygen comes from, the question arises of how it is continuously dosed in the amount in which it needs the living things in the pond or aquarium. The answer is easy to understand with reference to the sketch: The small catalyst stone releases oxygen, which acts as a propellant and pushes the liquid dropletwise through a small hole from the reservoir. The amount of fluid expelled does not depend on the size of the exit port, but solely on the activity of the small catalyst pebble. It is easy to see that the preparation of this catalyst requires special care,
because he is too strong, too much expelled, he is too weak, too little.

The oxygen is produced only in a second step. It should be explained that the filled with H202 + catalyst reservoir in an outer cup, which as well as the catalyst consists of a special ceramic, must be sunk. Only in this container, the expelled liquid is split into pure oxygen and water, the oxygen is generated in such small bubbles that it is almost completely dissolved and only a few of the larger bubbles, and those only in the aquarium, visible. This is basically all that is needed to understand the oxidizer.

Söchting Oxydator W Maxi
catalyst stones

Oxydator solution is not included in the standard delivery if you order only the Oxydator W Maxi

Additional Information
SKU oxy-w-max
Manufacturer Söchting
Weight 5.8000
Delivery Time 3-5 Workdays
additive type No
package size No
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