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Söchting Oxydator Solution 12 %

Söchting Oxydator Solution 12 %

The Söchting Oxydator solution is a special, stabilized and especially pure hydrogen peroxide solution. The solution is offered in 1 liter and 5 liter containers


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Category: Pond Algae Control

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Söchting Oxydatorlösung 12% 5 Liter

Söchting Oxydator Solution 12% 1 Liter

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Söchting Oxydatorlösung 12 % 1 Liter

Söchting Oxydator Solution 12% 5 Liter

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Söchting Oxydatorsolution 12 % 

The Söchting Oxydator solution is specially stabilized and manufactured for exclusive use in Söchting Oxydators. This is noted on the labels and we guarantee the proper operation of the oxidizers even when using this solution and concentrations

On the one hand, the quality of the fish's water is improved by the supply of normal oxygen, as with any aerator, without, however, driving off the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is important for plants. On the other hand, numerous toxins are rendered harmless exclusively by activated oxygen. Thus, Söchting oxydators allow a much higher fish stocking and a greatly reduced water change. The amount of oxygen released depends on the increasing demand for an activated body of water as the temperature increases. A temperature increase of 8 ° C causes a doubling of the amount of oxygen produced. The oxygen supply in one liter of a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution corresponds to 156 grams of that amount, which is dissolved in about 20 000 liters of water. For the operation of the oxidizers the Söchting Oxydator solution is used, a special, stabilized and very pure hydrogen peroxide solution.

Additional Information
SKU oxy12
Manufacturer Söchting
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
additive type No
Wasserart All Water Types

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