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QFI Strontium Mix 1000 ml

QFI Strontium Mix 1000 ml
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QFI Strontium Mix 1000 ml


SKU: qfi-stront1000

Category: QFI Trace Elements

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QFI Strontium Mix 1000 ml 

An important trace element for the skeletal construction of stone corals is strontium. Furthermore soft corals and lime red algae need strontium to the growth. In the natural sea water 8 mg / l of strontium ions (Sr ² +) are included. An addition of strontium mix QFI protects the growth of stone corals and soft corals, prevents the fading of the colours and increasingly the colours. A combination with element mix QFI & iodine mix is important. Except strontium even other elements are included. Strontium is not stable in the sea water aquarium and already exists not after 12-15 hrs any more. Therefore an everyday dosage is necessary. The admission of strontium is strongly accelerated by additives..

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EAN 0793573977151
SKU qfi-stront1000
Manufacturer QFI
Weight 1.1000
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
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Wasserart Salt Water

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