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Aquarium Cooling

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  1. GHL PropellerBreeze II 5x
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  2. GHL PropellerControl-2.1
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  3. GHL PropellerBreeze II 6x
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  4. GHL PropellerBreeze II 4-fach
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  5. GHL PropellerBreeze II 3x
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Efficient Cooling with Fans

Looking mainly at marin aquariums, a temperature of 28 degrees should not be exceeded in the long run. By room temperature and also by the lighting of the aquarium, the water warms, especially in the summer this may be so fast that a good cooling is required. If you own an open stand aquarium, an aquarium fan in most cases is sufficient, but if there is a large aquarium and if it is even covered, then the technology must be even more sophisticated. Then units with cooling agents such as Teco or Aqua Medic or evaporative cooler e.g. from Deltec are about to be the right choice.
The simple technique for an open sea-water aquarium does have one drawback, since in any case the evaporation of water increases and you have to refill tap water sufficient, otherwise the salinity rises very quickly into problematic areas.

The choice is yours

Finding the right heating and cooling system for a saltwater aquarium is not always easy. Nevertheless, one should allow for the time to find the right equipment.

Key parameters for selection are:

- I want to heat or cool the tank only short term - then a complicated temperature control is not necessary

- I need high security or during the week I am not always at home, then you will not get around a control device

- The pool is open and free, I can install a side fan, then I do not need expensive cooling system

- In closed aquariums or at extreme temperatures controlled cooling and heating equipment is a must!