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Marine Aquatics

What is so special about marine aquarium? 

It is above all the colorful diversity, which can offer no other aquarium type. Besides the fish, there are corals, anemones, shrimps, crabs and other invertebrates from the tropical waters of the earth today can be held. The majority of those who possess a saltwater aquarium, has opted for a coral reef aquarium, because with these aquariums you can get your own piece of the colorful world of coral reefs home. Anyone thinking of acquiring a saltwater aquarium, should inform himself in advance using books, Internet forums and via qualified specialized traders. The demand of the salty hobbies on the aquarist is still slightly higher than the freshwater tank. But the cost and the effort in recent years have declined significantly.

For the initial filling of a new salt water tank osmosis treated tap water must be given in the aquarium, which is then mixed with a special multi-salt mixture. A tropical zones corresponding lighting plays a very important role. The temperature should be constant between 24 degrees and 28 degrees and must not rise above 30 degrees. A saltwater aquarium must have a strong water movement, which means it must be at least ten times circulated the complete water volume per hour, higher values may be required according to stocking. This circulation demands special fluid pumps, operating at very low power consumption producing an efficient and smooth flow.

But the effort is worth it when you look at the fantastic inhabitants of the aquarium. Damselfish and wrasses, surgeonfish and the famous clown fish together with corals, anemones, mussels, shrimps and hermit crabs give you the feeling of a coral reef in your living room.