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Korallen-Zucht AcroGlow 100ml - Color and health

Korallen-Zucht AcroGlow 100ml - Color and health
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Korallen-Zucht AcroGlow - Color and health 100ml


SKU: KZ-1402

Category: Korallenzucht Elements

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Korallen-Zucht  AcroGlow promotes recovery and very good coloration especially of Acropra Sp.- Daily dosing facilitates acclimatization and keeping of South Sea Corals from Fiji, Tonga or Australia immensly (if the main water parameters are fine!), the original coloration of these corals will be enabled again - Acropora Millepora sp. can retrieve their two or three colors- It does not distort natural coloration, but brings it back - Also yellow color of Acropora can be retained

1 drop/100 L/day.This can be up to doubled for a short time, as soon as the corals react return to the normal dosage.
Additional Information
EAN 4260507583123
SKU KZ-1402
Manufacturer Korallen-Zucht
Weight 0.3000
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
additive type Pflegeprodukte für Korallen
package size 100 ml
Wasserart Salt Water

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