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Giesemann professional Calcium Test kit (Ca)

Giesemann professional Calcium Test kit (Ca)

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Giesemann professional Calcium Test kit (Ca)


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Giesemann Calcium Test

Test procedure:
1. Take a water sample of 5 ml.
2. Add 5 drops of Ca-1 fluid and mix, a white deposit should precipitate on the bottom of the test tube.
3. Add 1 scoop Ca-2 test powder (green tube) and shake the test tube; the water sample becomes dark red - red purple of colour.
4. Mount the plastic tip onto the 1 ml syringe and fill the syringe with 1 ml Ca-3 test fluid. Above the fluid an air bubble will appear, this is
normal. The air compensates for the volume in the tip. Add the fluid slowly until the water sample colours blue.
5. The numbers of ml what was needed to let the colour convert from red/purple to blue gives the Calcium content according to the
information in the chart. You can also calculate the Calcium content by multiplying the qty of ml by 500.
E.g. 0,7 ml needed to convert from Red / Purple to Blue = 0,7 x 500 = 350 mg Calcium per litre.
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SKU S_20.602.002
Manufacturer Giesemann
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Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
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