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GHL KH Director white or black

GHL KH Director white or black

Automated Alkalinity Monitoring and Control
The upkeep of Alkalinity is the most important aspect of reef keeping, stability is key. If you’re looking to achieve exceptional coral growing conditions, Alkalinity testing is a must!

Keep it steady with the new KH Director. Monitor, maintain, and control Alkalinity with ease.


SKU: PL-1519-1520

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Delivery Time: 8-10 Workdays

GHL KH Director weiß PL-1519

GHL KH Director white

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GHL KH Director weiß

GHL KH Director black

Regular Price: €436.40 *

Special Price: €425.27 *

Incl. 16% Tax

Automated Alkalinity Monitoring and Control

Lab-grade KH measurement accuracy
Measure your Alkalinity with lab-grade accuracy. With only a 100 ml water sample, KH Director® can provide measurement values with 0.1° dKH accuracy.

User-adjustable test sample volume
In practice, an accuracy of 0.1° dKH is not always necessary. KH Director offers the option to reduce the test sample volume for each test. An accuracy of approx. 0.2° dKH can still be achieved with a smaller water sample

Measurements per day adjustable
If the KH value does not fluctuate strongly the number of measurements can be reduced.

Higher accuracy and saftey provided by additional valves
Test your Alkalinity with confidence and consistency. Built-in valves ensure exacly the same measurement conditios and prevent the sample liquid from flowing back into the aquarium, even in the unlikely event of a fault.

Cost-effective and safe reagent fluid
Each test requires only 1 – 3 ml per measurement

Automated Data-logging
Examine past test results, catch sudden KH swings, and fine-tune your KH dosing with help from automated data logging.

Automated liquid supply
Automatic supply of KH-boosting liquids. Depending on the method one or more additional dosing pumps required

Kalk reactor control
Alternatively, the KH value can also be influenced by controlling a kalk reactor.

LED Status Display
The on-board GHL LED logo conveniently provides color-coded status indicators. The various colors show you the condition of your system at a glance.

KH Director® includes the following:

Device with integrated measuring cell
pH electrode, especially designed for the KHD, incl. calibration liquids
Testing reagent 500ml
Silicone hose
Power-supply splitter-cable
PAB cable (50 cm / 19.6″)

Additional Information
SKU PL-1519-1520
Manufacturer GHL
Delivery Time 8-10 Workdays
Produkttyp No
Energieverbrauch No
Water flow No
Wasserart Salt Water