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Fauna Marin Bacto Therapy 250ml

Fauna Marin Bacto Therapy 250ml
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Fauna Marin Marine Bacto Therapy 250 ml is a mixture of special bacteria that take care of the breakdown of solid nutrients such as mulch and detritus.


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Fauna Marin Marine Bacto Therapy 250 ml - special bacteria for marine aquariums.

Newly developed for modern marine aquariums of all kinds. This special mixture of halophilic and probiotic bacteria is used for effective nutrient control and visible reduction of detritus and mud deposits. At the same time, organic nutrient depots are effectively combated and pathogenic germs are significantly reduced.
Marine Bakto therapy is a highly effective, mixed culture of salt-loving and probiotic bacteria. After dosing, the bacteria are immediately active and do their work independently. Marine Bakto therapy creates healthy, living water - a natural environment for your animals.

The advantages at a glance :

* particularly effective against organic substances and nutrients
* Hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrogen bacteria reduce safely
unwanted nutrients
* No smell of rotten eggs.
* extremely concentrated mixture of halophilic and probiotic bacteria
* improves the growth and color formation of fish and corals
* reduces detritus and anaerobic areas
* Reduces stress and germ pressure due to pathogenic germs
* Does not contain sulfide or other toxic preservatives
* Live bacteria, immediate effect after dosing
* Super concentrate for the smallest dosing quantities and costs
* developed and produced in Germany
Fauna Marin Marine Bakto therapy creates clear conditions, you achieve the best effect in combination with our product

Marine Bakto Blend. Both products contain up to 100 times more bacteria than leading competitors, making them extremely effective.


Initial dosage (strong stocking + problem solving)

1st - 3rd day 10 ml / 100 liters thereafter weekly 5 ml / weekly.

continuous dosing

3 ml / 100 liters weekly dosage

In aquariums that are older than 2 years, the dosage should be reduced to 30%.

Additional Information
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SKU fm-14145
Manufacturer Fauna Marin
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Delivery Time 3-5 Workdays
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Wasserart Salt Water

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