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Environmental regulations (within Germany)

Note on disposal of batteries and accumulators
We point out that you are bound by the battery law to return waste batteries and accumulators. These must not be disposed of with normal household waste. You can dispose of the batteries after use in the trade community or the specially provided collection places or safekeeps

or sent it back to us

aquaPro2000 GmbH
Steinberger Str. 13 c
D-31675 Bückeburg

Please note here that the shipment has to be paid by yourself.

Contaminated batteries are marked with the sign and one of the chemical symbols
- Cd (= battery contains cadmium),
- Hg (= battery contains mercury) or
- Pb (= battery contains lead).

Note on disposal of electrical equipment
Electrical and electronic products should not be disposed of with normal household waste. They should be delivered to the local collection and recycling places of local authorities.

Note on the Packaging Ordinance
We fullfill our obligations of the packaging ordinance and have commissioned a waste management company responsible for this.

With regard to the sales packages filled first time by us with goods and sent to consumers -
our company joined the nationwide active recycling system of Land Bell AG, Mainz to ensure compliance with our legal obligations according to § 6 of the Ordinance.