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CaribSea AragaMILK 474 ml

CaribSea AragaMILK 474 ml

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CaribSea AragaMILK 474 ml


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CaribSea AragaMILK

AragaMilk™ - The perfect alkalinity booster because... AragaMilk™ has a full pound of buffer in every 16 fluid ounce bottle. This buffer comes in
two forms: bicarbonate for immediate response, plus carbonate from aragonite. This second form makes for a safer, time-release buffer, over 2-3
days, for long term security without the wild pH swings that can stress your tank inhabitants. This dual buffering makes AragaMilk™ an excellent way
to buffer your African Cichlid or livebearer aquariums too. You’ll notice it will stop downward pH swings so common in large fish only marine and Cichlid
set ups helping you create an environment for happy, healthy, and more colorful fish!

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SKU 16210
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