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ATI Easy Vital 500 ml

ATI Easy Vital 500 ml

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ATI Easy Vital 500 ml


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Easyvital is a highly active, natural sound mineral. By his extremely big surface it owns especially high adsorbtions-features. Toxic materials and injurious organic metabolism products are bound very efficiently. The areas of application are so numerous that we would like to enumerate in the following only the most important:

    * Water purification: Yellow materials, other undesirable colorings and phenols are bound.
    * Nutrient reduction: amonium or amoniak is reduced and with it the nitrite and nitrate education is clearly decreased.
    * Decontamination: Chlorine, treacly metals, coppers, zinc, cadmium, drug remains and many other poison materials are removed.
    * Illness-prophylaxis: The germ load in the water is reduced and counteracted against bacterial infections with it.
    * algue-prophylaxis: The nutrient reduction counteracts against an alga education.
    * Bioactivity: The reduction of biological retardants leads to an improved polyp picture and coral growth.

Easily Vital an essential pivot leg of the modern possibilities for the water treatment explains. Though similar products are known for a long time and are used successfully, indeed, the possibilities which arise with a regular use were still underestimated.

It is important, on this occasion, that it concerns 100% of natural product and contains no enzymes, bacteria or chemicals. Hence, it is also absolutely safe with strong overdose.

Hence, easily an easy and reasonable solution is vital to the lasting support of the water quality and not only a problem solution for quite available bad water values.

However, of course also raised nitrate and phosphate values can be lowered in the aquarium in a very careful kind straight. Thus we have ascertained with different aquaristics which used these means regularly (daily to every other day) a clear nutrient decline in the washbasin.

The nutrient loading falls under influence controlled and simply!

Easily Vital binds (as with zeoliths) amonium/amoniak and makes the relaxed connections skimmable off. Even high efficiency skimmer can remove not all injurious substances from our aquariums. Here there are just physical borders. Would not be in such a way, no yellow materials or phenols would collect in the course of the time in an aquarium. That's why a coal filtering or the similar is recommended, often in addition. The aim of these additional adsorbing filter media (Zeolithe, active coal.) is to be caught it even more organic materials and to remove from the water cycle. On this occasion, the water must be led by or about the filter medium.

Nevertheless, much easier is the exactly reverse way. With the use of easy Vital only 2 partially float µ big sound minerals freely in the water which can bind pollutants to themselves and remove this therefore directly from the water. Now the so engaged materials can be easily skimmed off and do not load further the system.

On account of the wide active spectrum we recommend Easy Vital for „well-worn systems“ and restarted washbasins equally. The experiences of contented customers show that can be clearly shortened the starting phase and the alga phases less violently, or at all do not appear.

Easily Vital the whole water quality on wide front improves.

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