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ATI Carbon plus 5000ml

ATI Carbon plus 5000ml
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ATI Carbon plus 5000ml


SKU: 1440

Category: Activated Carbon

Delivery Time: 1-3 Workdays


Carbon plus is a high-capacity active coal with an improved pore structure for crystal clear water in sweet aquariums and sea water aquariums. In a special production procedure a huge number of the finest capillary is generated. By this big internal active surface of 900 - 1000 m² / g coach voucher plus pollutants can bind especially fast and efficiently.

    * Water purification: cloudinesses, yellow materials and undesirable colorings are removed.
    * Reduction of inorganic load: Chlorine, treacly metals, drug remains and many other poison materials are bound.
    * Reduction of organic load: Organic metabolism products like uric acids and egg white connections are bound.
    * Bioactivity: The reduction of biological retardants leads to an improved polyp picture and coral growth.

With a pellet-diameter of approx. 3.3 mm carbon plus an optimum combination of a light use and a big active surface owns.


Additional Information
EAN 4260216219221
SKU 1440
Weight 5.2000
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
Wasserart -
Manufacturer ATI

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