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Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Marine & Reef - seawater lights 1200mm

Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Marine & Reef - seawater lights 1200mm
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Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal Marine & Reef - seawater lights 1200mm


SKU: 16a12373

Category: Aquatlantis EasyLed

Delivery Time: 3-5 Workdays


EASY LED UNIVERSAL marine & reef 

They provide all the LED benefits, as the low energy consumption and an excellent quality of the emitted light.

T5 or T8 Replacement
The EASY LED UNIVERSAL light units were designed to replace the conventional T5 and T8 systems. Simply remove the T5 or T8 lights from their sockets to quickly and easily fit the LED lighting. This system fits all traditional systems of any brand on the market: an asset if you want to equip your aquarium with the most eco-friendly lighting system ever.
Extendable brackets
EASY LED UNIVERSAL light units has metal brackets at both ends, so that you can place them on top of your aquarium. These brackets are extendable, adapting to all aquariums, regardless of size.
Suspension steel cable
If you prefer the lighting suspended above your aquarium, you can use a stainless steel cable kit self-locking which fixes in the lamp.
Angle beam

The light beam of the EASY LED UNIVERSAL lighting has an angle of 120 degrees, with high power, which gives an excellent quality to the light emitted. The colour combination of this type of lighting is the best for the good development of freshwater and saltwater aquatic species. 








Kelvin Watt

replace T5

replace T8


Easy LED Universal 438mm

45cm 70cm 25000 K 20 Watt

T5 24 Watt

T8 18 Watt



Easy LED Universal 590mm 60cm  85cm  25000 K  28 Watt 

T5 28 Watt

T8 18 Watt  

Easy LED Universal 742 75cm 100cm 25000 K 36 Watt

T5 35 Watt

T8 25 Watt

Easy LED Universal 90cm  115cm  25000 K 44 Watt

T5 45 Watt

T8 30 Watt 

Easy LED Universal 1047mm 105cm  130cm  25000 K 52 Watt

T5 54 Watt

T8 - 

Easy LED Universal  120cm  145cm  25000 K 62 Watt

T5 54 Watt

T8 36 Watt 

Easy LED Universal 1450mm 145cm  170cm  25000 K 72 Watt

T5 80 Watt

T8 - 

Additional Information
EAN 5607329123738
SKU 16a12373
Manufacturer Aquatlantis
Weight 1.5000
Delivery Time 3-5 Workdays
Leuchtmittelart LED
Lamp Length No
Color white
Wasserart Salt Water