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amtra clean procult pond 250 ml

amtra clean procult pond 250 ml

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amtra clean procult pond supports the biological system with highly active, living bacteria. The number of bacteria and thus the risk of potential pathogens is reduced to a minimum. The filter performance improves


SKU: A3050062

Category: Pond Bacteria

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Effective bacteria for clear and healthy pond water

The repeated addition of clean procult pond in spring and autumn, but also especially in the warm summer months, has proven to be very effective and therefore water stabilizing. As a rule, there are strong upheavals in the biorhythm of water, which means that bacterial populations first have to adjust to changing conditions and, among other things, break down large amounts of pollutants. Here, clean procult pond helps by targeted optimization of the bacterial flora and thus supports the stability of the pond.

The lifespan of the filter is increased by clean procult pond, since the filter is supported by the addition of billions of living bacteria in the metabolism of degradation products. The living bacteria in clean procult pond not only settle on the filter substrates as a result of the filtering, but the bacteria also colonize many surfaces in the pond and form important biofilms there that are capable of various metabolic performance

The influence of amtra clean procult pond on the water values ​​is only positive. The nitrogen cycle, and especially nitrification, is boosted and optimized to the highest degree. As a result, dangerous ammonium and nitrite accumulations in the water can hardly occur. The physical parameters GH, KH, pH etc. remain unaffected.

250 ml sufficient for up to 5000 l pond water

Additional Information
EAN 4012496090621
SKU A3050062
Manufacturer Amtra Croci - Wave
Weight 0.4000
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
additive type Bakterien / Bakterienfutter
package size 250 ml
Wasserart Pond