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Acanthurus achilles - Achilles - Surgeonfish

Acanthurus achilles - Achilles - Surgeonfish
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Salt Water

Acanthurus achilles - Achilles - Surgeonfish

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SKU: fish446

Category: Doktorfische

Delivery Time: Temporär kein Fischversand


Scientific: Acanthurus achilles - Surgeonfish

Occurrences: Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Marshal Islands, Mexico, New Caledonia

Size: 23 cm - 24 cm

Temperature: 22 ° C - 28 ° C

Food: Algae \\, Artemia (saltwater crayfish) \\, frozen foods (large varieties) \\, forage prawns \\, Krill (Euphausiidae) \\, dandelion \\, Mysis (tail shrimp) \\, nori algae \\, zooplankton (Animal Plankton)

Additional Information
SKU fish446
Weight 1.0000
Delivery Time Temporär kein Fischversand
Wasserart Salt Water
Color Multicolor
Animal-Size M
Animal Sensitivity hoch
wysiwyg No
Origin Animal Indo-Pacific
Manufacturer MW Fisch

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