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HW UV sterilizer

Provide effective protection against germs, organisms causing water turbidity and suspended algae in fresh and seawater aquariums.
Aquaristics are only too familiar with the problem: Despite thorough cleaning, the fish swim in "turbid” water or breeding is unsuccessful due to egg fungal attack.....
This is usually caused by pollution of the aquarium water by bacterial microorganisms, organisms causing water turbidity or suspended algae. Using an hw UV water steriliser effectively prevents these spreading without harmful side effects.
The effect of the hw UV water steriliser is based on the natural principle of sterilisation by UV radiation (sunlight).
In 1877, the English researchers Downes and Blount discovered that bacteria ceased to multiply after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Today, we know that short-wave UV-C radiation, particularly in the range of 253.7nm, effectively destroys germs. Today, sterilisation using UV radiation is a scientifically recognised process. It is used in particular where chemical disinfectants or high temperatures cannot be used for sterilisation purposes.

How hw UV water sterilisers works

The heart of the hw UV water steriliser is a tubular double glass jacket through which the aquarium water is made to flow past the UV steriliser at a maximum distance of 4mm by a pump (e.g. Eheim, Laso, Saccem, Sicce, etc.). The UV steriliser intensively irradiates all bacteria, organisms causing water turbidity and suspended algae contained in the water with ultra-violet light in the range 253.7nm. UV sterilisation is more effective the longer the water remains in the unit.
hw UV water sterilisers:
The most reliable way to remove harmful bacteria in fresh and seawater aquariums. With the hw UV water steriliser, only the water flowing past the UV steriliser is irradiated. In this way, only harmful microorganisms (germs, organisms causing water turbidity and suspended algae) are destroyed.
The nitrification bacteria essential for the biological balance in all aquariums, which adhere to the aquarium filter, bottom of the aquarium, plants and stones are not harmed in any way.
hw UV water sterilisers are provided with a special glass UV protective jacket, which effectively blocks the radiated UV light, but allows the unharmful, visible light to pass through. This reliably protects animals and humans from direct UV irradiation.
There is also no danger to the human eye, even when looking directly into the light.
hw UV water sterilisers create the conditions for healthy fish in aquariums.
There are times when novices voice fears that animals kept in UV irradiated water would be weakened and could become more susceptible to diseases. Such arguments are totally incorrect. On the contrary, animals kept in this way become increasingly more resistant to diseases.
UV water sterilisers cannot completely sterilise aquarium water as sterilised and unsterilised water is constantly intermixed. With UV water sterilisation, "only” a degree of sterilisation of maximum 98% can be achieved. The germs remaining in the water stimulate the antibody production of the fish against germs. The minimum residual number of germs remaining in the water function as information carriers for the immune system and, as a result of their continuous stimulation, increase the resistance of the animals. Similar immunostimulation methods are also used in veterinary and human medicine.

Several units can be operated in parallel in large aquariums or garden ponds..
The hose connections of types 350, 500, 1000 and 2000 have an external diameter of about 15 mm.
The hose connections of type 4000
have an external diameter of about 20 mm.
All hw UV sterilisers are designed for 220/240 V, 50 Hz



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