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Sea Salt

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Sea Salt

Aquarium sea salt

For the production of nature-like salt water for marine aquariums only special salt mixtures are suitable produced by well-known manufacturers such as Tropic Marin, Price, Red Sea, Aqua Medic, Korallenzucht, Dupla, Aqua Light and Crystal Sea, to name a few.

Besides the main component sodium chloride, common salt, other major amount of salts such as magnesium, calcium and potassium are included. Additionally, about 70 kinds of trace elements for the healthy growth of corals, algae and other invertebrates are included and absolutely necessary.

These additives are also responsible to make sea salt for the aquarium a relatively exclusive and expensive mix. In addition, these substances need to be present in the proper relation to one another even in small packages. Improper treatment can lead to a partly segregation. This may mean that suddenly in a package too little calcium is included, and in another too much potassium.

The water of the oceans, which we try to imitate in our tanks, has a total salt content of about 3.5% on average. To reach this salinity with the various types of salt offered, different amounts of addition are necessary. These quantities vary between about 350 and 400 grams of salt per 10 liters osmosis water. The differences arise primarily from different amounts of crystal water (the remaining water in the dry salts). These differences in yield should be observed also regarding the price differences.

Some manufacturers have different types of salt available. It differs as a rule, regarding the content of calcium, magnesium, hardness minerals (carbonate) and trace elements. Salts which are designed specifically for the care of hard corals have higher levels of the aforementioned substances. Thus, the higher consumption of these substances by the hard coral is at least partially offset with a simple water change. As just mentioned, these substances are expensive, why these salts must be offered with a higher price.

All of our sea salts offered are prepared (to our information) from pharmaceutically pure salts and contain no phosphates or nitrates.

Text by aquaPro2000

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01. Tropic Marin Pro Reef 25kg sea salt

Tropic Marin Pro Reef 25kg sea salt

68,95 EUR
2,76 EUR per kg

02. ATI natural seawater 20 ltr

ATI natural seawater 20 ltr

18,90 EUR
0,95 EUR per Liter

03. Aquatic Marin 10kg Seasalt

Aquatic Marin 10kg Seasalt

18,50 EUR
1,85 EUR per kg

04. Red Sea Coral Pro 22 kg bag

Red Sea Coral Pro 22 kg bag

69,90 EUR
3,18 EUR per kg

05. ATI Coral Ocean Plus Seasalt 22kg

ATI Coral Ocean Plus Seasalt 22kg

46,90 EUR
2,13 EUR per kg

06. Tropic Marin Pro Reef 10 kg Sea salt

Tropic Marin Pro Reef 10 kg Sea salt

32,75 EUR
3,28 EUR per kg

07. Red Sea Salt 22kg

Red Sea Salt 22kg

59,90 EUR
2,72 EUR per kg

08. Red Sea Coral Pro 7kg Sea Salt

Red Sea Coral Pro 7kg Sea Salt

26,36 EUR
3,77 EUR per kg

09. Red Sea Coral Pro 22 kg bucket

Red Sea Coral Pro 22 kg bucket

74,90 EUR
3,40 EUR per kg

10. Tropic Marin Classic Seasalt 25kg

Tropic Marin Classic Seasalt 25kg

64,90 EUR
2,60 EUR per kg

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