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Rossmont Mover - Stream Pump for marine and freshwater aquariums

Mover is a stream propeller pump with a very wide and gentle flow, whose action cone has an angle of about 120°.
120Studied to be powerful but without disturbing our small guests, it's capable to generate a turbolence that simulates natural marine currents.
In Aquarium this flow is considered very efficient especially in presence of soft corals or LPS (Large Polyps Stony Corals), that do not necessitate of an excessive movement in the tank. It's very important, instead, that the flow is slightly more concentrated in case of SPS corals (Small Polyps Stony Corals).
60 For this reason, as standard equipment it's included the specific concentrator nozzle that reduces the action cone to an angle of about 60°, thus concentrating the efficiency to a closer area.
As standard equipment, in addition to this one, inside Mover box it's included a specific protection grid. This is very useful if the pump is powered by an on/off timer, because if the pump is switched off for a certain period of time, it can be necessary to protect the fishes from accidental entries inside the rotor chamber.
Moreover, it's possible to assembly the protection grid with or without the concentrator nozzle, for the maximum flexibility in any circumstance.
masses rossmont stream pump

VAS – (Vibration Absorbing System)

VAS it's a unique system that guarantees the maximum operation quietness of the product.
As a result of a long research and thanks to the high technical materials employed, this technology is capable to absorb the vibrations that normally the product would transmit, by blocking them during the rotor assy rotation. This is possible thanks to its isolation from contact points with external parts.
Moreover the long-lasting insulating rubbers have been extended to those areas of the product in contact with the glass of the tank, so no vibration can be transmitted to the environment.
Strictly connected with this technology, we've studied and dimensioned those components that would have entered in resonance, in order to make Mover technically superior and constanly quiet.
features rossmont mover
The rotor – The technical heart
The future is in the hands of dimensions and technology.
In this small component, each construction line has been designed for its technical purpose with the aim to keep it compact, strong and very silent during operation.
Realized with autolubricating technical plastics, with a food-approved stainless steel core, the rotor mounts high precision ceramic bearings, coupled with a shock absorber (made of vulcanized rubber) that eliminates vibrations and allows the startup always in the correct sense, in a silent and safe way.
The external locking disc that contains these parts, permits a quick extraction of the rotor assy but it's also a protection in case of accidental falls.

Low energy
Moreover, particular attention should be dedicated to the propeller: drawn on the motorboat principles, it has been studied to create autonomously a turbulent and very wide flow perfect for this application and capable to move huge masses of water maintaining a low energy consumption.
This last factor means also that the pump transmits a very few quantity of heat to the surrounding ambient and so it prevents the increasing of Aquarium temperature.
Everything in the future will be always smaller and more compact.
The future for us is already begun.
Rossmont Mover Energy saving

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