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Our Store in Bückeburg Germany

Aquaristik Fachgeschäft Bückeburg 

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Problem Solver & Disease Treat

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Problem Solver & Disease Treat

5,45 EUR 


Shrimp Protect

Problem solver 

To say it straight at the beginning, we always recommend to exploit all possible options of biological regulation and control before using chemical agents. But anyone who is in the aquaristic hobby for some years has already experienced the situation, where all the tricks and tips from the biological toolbox are no longer helpful.

but before you give in the aquarium hobby,  you should consider all reasonable alternatives. But some basic aspects should be observed using chemical products.
Whenever it comes to the use of chemicals in the main tank, you should if at all possible, test the compatibility with your own stock in advance "en miniature".
For example, you can take the most sensitive plants or corals from the main basin and confront them in a small quarantine tank with the recommended dosage of the drug. Shows the plant or animal after a reasonable time (specified according to the effective time given by the manufacturer) no negative symptoms, one has at least a much higher level of security when used in the main pool.

With the given doses you should always be aware of how many liters of water (net) are really contained in the tank. A 100 liter tank are where 20 liters are used by decoration and where the actual water level is just a few inches less than the nominal-level, one can quickly end up with an almost 50% overdose. You should almost always use very conservative estimates, start low and increase the dosage slowly.


With the absorber products one aspect is particularly important. All agents work only if they are flushed from the water really effective. This means in most cases, that the simple mounting of a bag into the water, has no significant effect. Only the application in strong flow and if possibly in a special filter component enforces the permanent contact with the medium.


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01. Red Sea NO3:PO4-X 1000 ml phosphate reducer

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X 1000 ml phosphate reducer

24,90 EUR
24,90 EUR per Liter

02. Refil medium for AL1 Filter 1000 ml

Refil medium for AL1 Filter 1000 ml

10,70 EUR
10,70 EUR per Liter

03. Aqua Connect Silicarbon 500ml / 400 g Granulate

Aqua Connect Silicarbon 500ml / 400 g Granulate

12,95 EUR
32,38 EUR per kg

04. Red Sea Aiptasia-X 60 ml

Red Sea Aiptasia-X 60 ml

13,00 EUR
216,67 EUR per Liter

05. Easy Life AlgExit 1000 ml

Easy Life AlgExit 1000 ml

13,25 EUR
13,25 EUR per

06. Salifert Silicate Testkit

Salifert Silicate Testkit

9,50 EUR

07. ATI Phosphat stop 1 Liter

ATI Phosphat stop 1 Liter

13,95 EUR
13,95 EUR per Liter

08. AquaLight Silicate Filter small

AquaLight Silicate Filter small

29,95 EUR

09. Planaria Trap

Planaria Trap

16,95 EUR

10. JoesJuice Aiptasia & Majano Eliminator 20 ml

JoesJuice Aiptasia & Majano Eliminator 20 ml

12,90 EUR
645,00 EUR per Liter

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