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Aurora Hybrid LED/T5

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Aurora Hybrid LED/T5

Giesemann’s brand new AURORA-HYBRID LED/T5 system combines the control, flexibility, energy efficiency, and spread of high spec optic-free LED lighting, with the overlapping wide spectral range and even distribution capabilities of T5. No more hot-spots or shaded coral branches, and greatly reduced risk of localised bleaching under high intensity focal points. Corals under the AURORA are literally bathed in light from a wide range of overlapping angles and multiple light sources to promote optimum health and colour across the entire colony, whilst the active cooling system works to maintain both the lamps and LED’s at optimal working temperatures to ensure long term stability with improved lifespan.

CAD designed Individual Parabolic Reflectors for each T-5 tube set are made from high gloss aluminium alloy with a 99% reflective capacity delivering increased light transference up to 150% that of standard square type non glossy reflectors used in many alternate brands. Each pair of T-5 lamps are independently controllable via built in electronic HF ballasts with dimming capacity from 1-100% and are integrated into the Bluetooth control system. Light from the T5 banks crosses over and blends with the LED boards to deliver a seamlessly mixed light field from a wide range of angles.
Balancing T5 power and running costs against light output from the LED array.
Ongoing running costs in respect to replacements lamps for the user were also an important factor, so a 4 lamp platform backed by the high output LED boards was chosen to offer the best balance between light availability and long term running costs when compared to many systems running a higher ratio of T5 against a lower output supplemental LED array with subsequently much higher annual running costs when also factoring replacement lamps. 
Stylish Design
The sleek sophisticated fixture is highly durable and made from salt water resistant anodised aluminium with stylish powder coating in 3 different colours.
All components, except for the LED power supply, are enclosed inside the fixture housing.
Intuitive control software for your MAC, Windows PC or any Android device, makes adjusting your AURORA-HYBRID comfortable and simple. With the added stability and reliability of Bluetooth, thereby avoiding the need for problematic online web servers or Wi-Fi connections and router set-ups.
Plug & Play
With the integrated controller, there is nothing more to buy.
Excellent Build-Quality
All components are manufactured and assembled completely in Germany by Giesemann Aquaristik.
Quiet, Cool Operation
Runs perfectly cool and produces virtually no noise.
Incredible value for money
The AURORA-HYBRID offers a perfect high-quality German manufactured lighting solution at an incredible price compared to other brands, whilst never compromising on reliability or technical detail. Making it the most cost effective LED/T5 hybrid system available to UK hobbyists. 
Stylish saltwater resistant aluminium main body
Tough High Gloss two layer powder coating
0-100% dimmable T-5 lamps controllable via Bluetooth
0-100% dimmable multi-channel LED boards controllable via Bluetooth
Cloud and storm simulation / Real time lunar simulation etc.
Multi-point daytime plot system via class leading FUTURA software
Integrated heat-sink and active cooling using low noise variable speed fans
Mounting options: 

Adjustable suspension kit inclusive 










 600 mm

4 x 24 Watt T-5 dim.

1 x LED Board max  85 Watt LED

~ 100 x 85 cm

Bluetooth control with 5 channels




 900 mm

4 x 39 Watt T-5 dim.

2 x LED Board max 150 Watt LED

~ 130 x 85 cm

Bluetooth control with 5 channels




1200 mm

4 x 54 Watt T-5 dim.

3 x LED Board max 220 Watt LED

~ 160 x 85 cm

Bluetooth control with 5 channels




1500 mm

4 x 80 Watt T-5 dim.

4 x LED Board max 300 Watt LED

~ 190 x 85 cm

Bluetooth control with 5 channels


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