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Deltec Eco Cooler 24V

The Deltec Eco-Cooler is an effective and attractively priced alternative for reducing the water temperature in the aquarium. Deltec Eco-Coolers use the well known principle of cooling by evaporation. They consist of a special spray head, within which the aquarium water is converted to rain. By means of a ventilator attached laterally to the spray head, air is blown in a counter-current through the spray head. The resulting condensation reduces the water temperature. The desired water temperature can be adjusted by an optional Deltec temperature regulator. Delta Eco-Coolers can be installed instead of the standard Deltec spray heads. As a rule, it is possible to equip aquarium systems subsequently with Deltec Eco-Coolers.

 24V Lüfter mit hoher Energieeffizienz
By using the most modern of 24V industrial coolers, it was possible to reduce electricity consumption by 60% as compared with the previous model with its 230V ventilators - and that at the same ventilator performance. The appliances have 24V switch mode power supplies giving minimal power loss.
Power consumption:
230V: Type S/M 44 Watt Type L 88 Watt
24V: Type S/M 16 Watt Type L 32 Watt.
low purchase price
low operating costs
low noise
space saving
The cooling performance depends on the ambient temperature and the air humidity.

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Deltec Eco Cooler S

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Deltec Eco Cooler M

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Deltec Eco Cooler L
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