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Aquarium Supplies

Our Store in Bückeburg Germany

Aquaristik Fachgeschäft Bückeburg 

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Aquarium Bückeburg

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Aquarium sets

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Aquarium sets

The right aquarium for you

Aquaristic is just as beautiful as it is a relaxing hobby. Who directs his view after a stressful day, to the peaceful moving underwater world, can enjoy a little leisure time. Today no one has to fear that an aquarium is too much work. The maintenance and cleaning efforts are significantly lower using the new tools and techniques.

The optimal light promotes the growth of corals and plants, while unwanted algae are suppressed. The right skimmer, filter systems and pumps provide optimum water values and ideal living conditions under water.
In our shop we offer lighting, protein skimmers and filtration systems for both fresh water and sea water aquariums.

Nano aquarium - really a mini reef

The dream of an aquarium can also be realized in a small space. Nano-aquariums need very little space and make it possible yet, to pick up a bit of nature at home. More scope not only in terms of biodiversity, offer large aquarium with cabinet. This not only allows for the skimmer and filter system to accommodate discreet, but also a variety of technical enhancements can be used.
Different fronts, various covers and bulbs will allow the design of the aquarium to adjust the rest of the living room. With other equipment to set up and decorate the tank, you create an underwater world that is pleasing to the eye and in which animals and plants feel at home.

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