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Aquarium Filter Technology

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Aquarium Filter Technology

Aquarium Filter Technology - The right filter for the aquarium

Only the correct filter technology ensures that pollutants are broken down in the water column of the aquarium or removed from the water cycle. Depending on what kind of tank you have you need to take different filters into consideration.

The classical filter for fresh water aquariums are:

External canister filter

External filters offer the advantage that they take no room in the tank itself and so remains more room for fish and plants. However, outside of the basin you need to have enough space for an external filter available. At best, a powerful filter can hide in a cupboard under the aquarium. If the cabinet is large enough, the volume of the filter can corresponding be bigger and you can use different filter media. Quick disconnect couplings and shut-off valves for easy cleaning are now available. Since the elasticity of the tubes decreases with time, hose clamps are indispensable accessories.

Internal Filters

Who has little place outside of the basin should use an internal filter, which can act simultaneously as a powerful pump flow generator. Fiddling with hoses is eliminated with the interior filter, it must be removed only for cleaning the tank.

Soil filter

Soil filters are used especially for small aquariums. This type of filtering technique has the advantage that in addition to saving space, the oxygen supply to the ground floor is well ensured. For full functionality the layer of
gravel is recommended to be about 7 centimeters high.

In the marine aquarium hobby special filters such as nitrate and phosphate filters are employed, or for the treatment of osmosis water, silica filters.

Our online shop offers filter technology to meet your needs from well known manufacturers including but not limited to Eheim, JBL, Hydor, Schuran, Tunze and Aqua Medic. Apart from the aforementioned filters you can also buy complete filtration systems.

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